SENETE launches app

SENETE APP was launched on Monday, September 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Sheraton Asunción Hotel, when all the details were provided.

The application will coexist with traditional cards and comes with an integrated Personal Wallet, which will allow customers of the service to pay for their cards with the funds they have in their accounts.

The new product launched is an innovation in the field of gambling, since it allows you to buy cards and play to win all the weekly SENETE prizes, see previous results and see the card of the week.

SENETE customers will be able to pay for their cards purchased through the APP with their Personal Wallet, all without having to move from the place where they are.

Those customers who are winners of one of the prizes will be able to choose to receive their prize directly in their personal wallet, thanks to the integration carried out with Personal Envíos SA, in this way SENETE and Personal Wallet offer their users a new experience at the time to play.

“Through this alliance, SENETE reinsures the quality and security in the monetary procedures carried out by the company, counting on high standards of protection in monetary transactions,” said those responsible for the brands.

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